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The five-year high school reunion where second chances for first loves means this is the summer everything will change…

San Juan Island Stories Anthology (#1-5)

cover imageAt the five-year high school reunion, these determined women give their fragile first loves a second chance…

Story #1 - “Fatty Patty” is the cruel nickname that followed Pepper to high school graduation. Five years later, she’s back at her reunion to prove it hasn’t defined her. In her slim Kate Spades, she’ll show them all — her underachieving classmates and especially the boy who broke her heart.

Story #2 - “Chance of Happiness” Geeky Mia always falls for the wrong man, but that’s going to change when she confronts the bully who broke her heart.

Story #3 - “Artful Dodger” Only one man sees past the shyness to the real Katelina – and now he knows her most shocking secret. But what exactly is he planning to do with it?

Story #4 - “Swear to You” Former rock chick Seraphina is desperately trying to channel her angelic nature when the boy from her past shows up to remind her just how dirty she used to be.

Story #5 – “Promise Me” Allison’s high school sweetheart vows to be with her forever, but after a long illness, this high school reunion may push their marriage past its breaking point.

Enjoy all 5 stories with bonus introductions! Available in ebook and print.


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: Print - 9780989692038; ebook 9780989692045
Price: Print – $6.99 + shipping/handling/etc.; ebook – $2.99
Buy: ebook – Amazon, Smashwords; print – coming soon…

The San Juan Island Stories Anthology is a collection of new short stories set around the crisp green San Juan Islands in Northwestern Washington. Light and sweet, they are perfect for a quick lunch break so you can return to the rest of your day with a feel-good smile.

San Juan Island Stories are light, sweet romances perfect for a Northwest summer.

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